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Sue 'Truth' Irwin

Sue 'Truth' Irwin

San Francisco, United States
GER:+1 (415) 377 51 56

Sue ‘Truth’ Irwin aka 'The Consciousness Doctor' is a Birth into Being Facilitator-in-Training, Transformational Therapist, visionary, Life Coach, hypnotherapist, conscious breathing facilitator, Avatar Master, ordained metaphysical minister and speaker.  Sue has been studying and practicing various forms of transformational process since 1983. 

Born on Long Island, NY, Sue was raised in an extended family of nurses, spiritual devotees and bankers. Raised in a church going family, Sue experienced early on a strong Christ consciousness, but felt that the adults in her church were hypocritical in what they 'preached' in church and how they lived their lives. She felt a strong calling early on to bring a more modern and true experience of spirituality to the masses. 

In 1991 she aligned with a metaphysically based ministry in San Francisco, became ordained and began speaking, teaching, facilitating and coaching. Over the past 22 years Sue has inspired thousands of people to experience and reclaim their divinity, learn to accept their humanity and live authentically from the heart. She is the originator and developer of the program known as Consciousness Management, a systematic approach to understanding how an individual’s feelings, thoughts, experiences and behaviors, translate into functional or dysfunctional relationship with others and all of life.    

In 2011, Sue created the Evolution Training, a weekend transformational training that assists people from all walks of life to become liberated in heart, mind and soul and to learn to live conscious, responsible, sacred lives and relationships!  

Sue is passionate about inspiring and supporting people individually and collectively to wake up to a more conscious experience of the process of evolution on Earth, spiritually, in their hearts, minds, bodies and in all their relations.

Sue is committed to promoting the peaceful evolution of humanity.

Sue is based in San Francisco and is available for individual and couples coaching, group facilitation and speaking.


"Everything will be alright in the end. If everything is not alright, then it is not the end!" Author Unknown
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