Sophie Dierickx

Sophie Dierickx

Europe, Belgium & The Netherlands
BEL:+32 (486) 63 4823


Sophie is a great listener and finds it important not to judge. You are gently invited to search for Your truth within Yourself. Her touch is soft and loving. Holding the space and time so to serve you and your journey is essential to her.

She believes it is possible to create your own heaven on earth. And she feels a deep need to serve, to listen, to coach, to create. She finds a lot of joy in being free; she finds great nurturing in nature and loves being close to water. Her favorite things are dancing and smiling. She hopes to inspire you by being her authentic self and her own quest to create her little heaven on earth every day.

In July 2013 she attended her first Birth into Being workshop with Melissa Aardema in the beautiful settings of the Australian rainforest. It was a tipping point for her where she fell in love with herself again and started feeling the courage to show her authentic self to herself and the world.

She has an academic background with a teacher degree in Mathematics and a master in Social and Economical Sciences. But her path didn’t take her to a career in any of this. Gifting Birth into Being to the world is one of her passions. She finds the Birth into Being method and different processes so loving and healing in a kind but intense way. She supports the idea not to relive past traumas but gently reconnect with the feeling and reprogram it with a new and loving in the body experience.

“We all have the ability to feel love for ourselves and others, it is imprinted in every cell of our body. We just have to choose to remember it. Every single moment gives us the opportunity to choose, to remember.” ~ Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

In April 2014 she gifted herself the 10 days Intensive in Berlin with Willow Proctor. At the moment she is still an apprentice. You can contact her for individual Core Cry sessions, LIR meditations and level 1&2 workshops. She loves working with people who have the intention to create a conscious life and follow their heart. She beliefs in the law of attraction and integrates this in her work.

She has her base in Belgium, but she is available in the Netherlands and always open to travel to other places in the world. She offers her sessions both in Dutch and English.

Fall in love with where you are right now. Live and love with an open heart, even when it hurts. Home is here and now.
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