Advanced Facilitator

Sylvie Jonckeau

Sylvie Galiléa Jonckeau

New Caledonia
NCL:+687 (73) 53 33

Sylvie Galiléa Jonckeau is a mother of 2 boys who's life transformed after being introduced to Birth Into Being and experiencing a blissful home birth for her second child. Since she has been passionately bringing Birth Into Being method to the world sharing her knowledge as well as her experience. 

She is a workshop facilitator, doula, energetic healer, TCM practitioner with a scientific background. 

She is now based in Noumea (New Caledonia) and can facilitate workshop both in French or English.

As a group, couple or individual facilitator, Galiléa all heartedly creates a sacred birthing field to allow participants to reconnect to their true self, disconnect from their victim mentality and retrieve their creativity using her talent to guide them through the appropriate processes.


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Galiléa is a mother of 2 boys, all heartedly empowering women to retrieve their right to natural birth. She is a Dolphin woman, loving and fun!
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