Facilitator in Training

Emily Jones

Emily Jones

California, United States
USA:+1 (530) 588 48 90

Emily Jones was certified as a Birth Into Being Facilitator in August 2011 in Chico, CA. She has since completed the Advanced Facilitator training with Elena. She is planning to study to become a birth doula. It is her goal to spread the feeling of confidence, joy, self-empowerment and self-awareness by taking others through the Birth Into Being journey.

As a Certified Massage Therapist since 2004 and a practicing yogi, Emily enjoys sharing her knowledge of posture and body-awareness. She specializes in prenatal/postnatal massage, deep tissue (including techniques used in rolfing), and other intuitive modalities including accupressure and Reiki. She has also earned an Associates Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in psychology.

 She is the mother of four children, and an advocate of natural and water birth, ending routine infant circumcision, baby-wearing, co-sleeping and breastfeeding.

Healing body, mind and humanity by creating a heightened awareness of the Self
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