Advanced Facilitator

Miranda Jay

Based in Oxford. Working in the South of England, Ibiza and Majorca.

Of all the self-development methods I’ve tried over the years, Birth into Being has consistently produced the most powerful breakthroughs, both for myself and my clients. The multi-sensory approach works deeply into the core of the most intimate issues we are born with and directly accesses and releases bodily held memories and traumas from the past.

This work enables us to come home to what really matters to us and allows us to experience a level of self-expression and freedom from the past we may not have even imagined was possible. In workshops I find it extraordinary to witness powerful limiting belief structures crumbling and inner conflicts dissolving right in front of my eyes!

Miranda is an Advanced Facilitator of this work, having been involved with the organization internationally since 2008 and closely mentored by Elena Tonetti- Vladimirova.

She has a background in bodywork - shiatsu massage, yoga and dance, is a singer/songwriter and a creative facilitator with Lifebeat, an organization that sparks the creativity of youth and adults through experiential trainings and transformative summer camps.

Her experience working therapeutically with people from all walks of life over 15 years has given her great insight into the way in which issues are mirrored through our bodies. In her facilitation, she sensitively and intuitively uses voice, movement and touch to release blockages that are held in the body.

Miranda balances the intensity of the work with a playful and dynamic spirit which she brings to her facilitation and enjoys DJing ecstatic dance sets to warm the group up to the work of the day.