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Matthew Cavanna

Matthew Cavanna

California, United States
USA:+1 (415) 408 81 06

Its never to late to have a happy birth!

The portals of birth (and death) are the most important and poorly understood initiations in our western culture. By radically changing the way that we support Families in the birthing process we can make profound and lasting changes in the quality of life on this planet with the least amount of effort. As Elena says, "Change is only one generation away!" I have chosen to devote my energies to this cause because I am a passionate advocate for the children that are coming to the planet now (and the innocent child within all of us), and I want them to be received in Love and Consciousness so they can bring forward the gifts and talents they carry with the least amount of negative interference.


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A graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, I am a founding member of the Movement Medicine Collective and the long-running Ecstatic Dance in Grass Valley, CA. Over the course of my journey as a healer, I am grateful to have received in-depth train
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