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Lily Rothrock

Lily Rothrock

California & Guatemala
USA:+1 (916) 320 9658


Born in Sacramento, California, she speaks for the Earth and all beings.  Gifted with communication, clairsentience and empathic skills, she shares stories of the evolution of the human-biosphere relationship.  Witnessing the world as one being, she echoes the purity and beauty in all nature.

In 2012, Lily Rhoads co-created Chakra Illumination Festival on Isla del Sol in Bolivia and continues to create space for ancient ceremony to blend with current culture in the Birth Into Being Method workshops and intentional gatherings she holds.  She is a co-founder of Weaving Women’s Wisdom: A Gathering of Many Generations with her sisters in Butte County, California.

A digital native, Lily gathers around the glowing screen to receive and share stories with her global family.  As Director of Communications with Birth Into Being, she channels the powerful story of the rebirth of Earth with digital mediums.

She sings, dances, and swims to cultivate connection with universal energy.

Lily deeply resonates with the tools and teachings of the Birth Into Being Method.  She believes that it presents a graceful shortcut for finding Peace and roots out outdated patterns in Life.   Through tapping into our original emotional imprint from birth, it is possible to consciously shift into alignment with our spirit's intention for this life.  

She offers private sessions and holds workshops in California and beyond. Read her testimonial:

"My core cry was one of the most therapeutic experiences I have ever had. Lily gave me exactly what I needed to tap into deep, painful emotion and release it. Having witnesses and group support made the experience even more powerful. The amount of energy released and coursing through my body during and after my core cry was staggering. I felt immensely powerful and at peace afterwards. I cannot thank Lily enough for facilitating such an intense and healing experience."  

- Katie Moore, 2014

"You represent--the beauty, strength, consciousness of the children of the 'new Earth'--wow children of such enormous love, expression, honesty, creativity, natural wisdom, connected to the earth's essence.  You are the FUTURE! We need a lot more like you!"  

- Willow Proctor, Birth Into Being Facilitator


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