Facilitator in Training

Joy Lake

Joy Lake

New Zeland
NZL:+64 (9) 810 8084


The birth of my son Oliver in 1989 was an awakening experience, the ecstatic high of my life.

This experience changed my life. I have been an ecstatic explorer ever since. I passionately offer these explorations as a contribution to the joyful self-empowerment of us all.

I offer:

  • Birth Preparation for Groups and Individuals
  • Weekend Birthshops
  • One on One “Re-Coding the Limbic Imprint” sessions
  • Birthing Dance

The Skills I bring to the Birth Field:

  • 20 yrs Conscious Dance Practice
  • Bodywork and Yoga
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Shamanic Practice and Ritual
  • Flower Essences
  • Theatre and Mime Skills
  • Great Sense of Humour
  • a Compassionate Heart
  • Wisdom born of experience