Cornelia Inelle Sprater

Inelle C. Sprater

GER: +49 (7641) 416 246
GER: +49 162 3102810

The BIB-method is an amazing tool and I am truly glad and grateful to know Elena for developing and sharing her life-changing method. Through all the processes and exercises the method comes up with, and within Elenas unconditionally loving way of guiding, I got to know my own potential and what I really want to live. Now it is my deep wish to share what I experienced and to show others this wonderful opportunity to change into a free and self-mandatory life.” Inelle

Besides being a Birth-into-Being Practitioner Inelle is also a Traditional Healer and Alternative Practitioner, Teacher for Alexander Technique and she did further trainings in Core Dynamic, Shamanic Healing and Trauma Therapies.

Inelle is the mum of a wonderful daughter. The health difficulties during her own pregnancy in '91/92 gave her a deep want to enable mothers-to-be to experience the pregnancy in an integrated, natural, trusting and harmonious way as well as to give birth likewise.

The BIB-method is not only helpful for pregnant women, but a life-changing experience for everybody! Inelle's focus is to invite everyone to let go old habits, imprints that are no longer useful but disturbing our flow of life, familiar ideas and concepts, that do not serve us anymore. And instead getting to know to live in a harmonious way and to experience how to live our full capacities. What is our potential? What are we really meant to be? What, if nothing is holding us back? These questions need answers and Inelle encourages to find them. Her support is open hearted and she's offering a safe space of trust and empathy to everyone. In her loving way she gives the opportunity to create a new and deeper consciousness about who we really are, what our inner voice and our own heart is telling us.

I gave Inelle my full trust. She was focused on me. I appreciated her presence and calm. I felt totally protected by her. … Inelle was giving me the huge space to feel, what I needed to feel. I wasn’t pushed. I felt connected with her and welcomed to show who truly I am in the world.” Monica, November 2014