Henriette Wieldraaijer

Henriette Wieldraaijer

Assen, Netherlands
NED:+31 (592) 311 536
NED:+31 (612) 105 462

Henriette Wieldraaijer is a reflexology and massage practitioner since 2008. She noticed that most of her clients recognize certain patterns and behaviour during treatments, but that the massage techniques and coaching were not always sufficient to really help her clients to change. With the Birth Into Being Method she has found a new tool that can really help those people that are ready for that change.

Also, she is a passionate birthworker. She loves to work with and inspire pregnant women and their partners to give birth freely, from a place of strength and inner power, instead of from fear and anxiety. She gives several workshops (Dancing for Birth, Body-Voice-Action Method) and is a trained doula.

In addition to her work and professional interests, she is a mother of three children and a grandmother of a granddaughter.