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With a global network of highly-trained Birth Into Being Method Practitioners, we are ready to improve the quality of life on this planet by holding Birth Into Being Method workshops.  We know what we have to offer is an invaluable tool for humanity at this crucial moment in our collective evolution.  The feedback we receive says it all! 


However, we've noticed in our 30 years of teaching that often times, the ones with deep longing to heal and be healers mainly operate on the gift economy.  For example, we received this letter from a woman earlier this year:

For years I have been in my own healing journey, working with many modalities.  While all has helped in some ways, I am still finding there is deep-seated chronic overwhelm and stress patterning in my being. I have been in chronic body pain for six years. When I read about the limbic repatterning I feel a leap inside.. Yes.. This.. For the healing of my beloved daughter and incoming grandchild and myself ..and all the ones we can help with this work  as well.  So, I ask for possibility. Is there a way we can serve and contribute differently than directly only with money?

Yes, it is amazing that we have such willing volunteers all across the world.  People are inspired and ready to help.  Yet, the requests for work-trade and scholarship can be overwhelming!  They come in waves and have flooded our inbox. 
Certainly, we value and utilize the help as often as possible.  In fact, that's exactly how I got here: as a work-trader!   We are grateful for non-monetary contributions as they are vital to the fluid functionings of our programs.
Still, in order for us to create a regenerative pattern, we need some financial help.  We want to make our workshops accessible for those who are looking to deepen their own sense of well-being and offer their healing support in their communities.  We want to be able to say, "Yes!" to the letters such as the one above.
We want to be able to offer a minimum of 10 scholarships to people who, otherwise, would not be able to attend the course! 
An average cost for the Birth Into Being 10 day Intensive Training is about $1,500 per person (varied by location due to local economy).  In order to provide the  functioning of Birth Into Being, we must charge the attendance fee. We are supporting our many new projects, running this website, renting workshop venues and cover the travel expenses to the remote destinations of the courses, etc.
 Our goal for fundraising is $15,000.  We feel that we can reach this goal by tapping into our amazing global family of supporters.  If 750 people donate only $20.00 dollars, we've done it!  Then, 10 people from the parts of the world where this work is needed the most will be able to attend.  Not only will they get unique education and personal healing and empowerment, but most importantly, they will learn the tools necessary to make a real difference in their community. The ripple effect of this action is vast and unstoppable!
If you are in any position to help, please, don't miss this opportunity to impact the quality of life on our Planet!
Will you support us in our mission to heal ourselves and our collective past in order to create a culture of Peace and Compassion?  
All donations are tax-deductible thanks to our 501(c)3 non-profit, Sentient Circle.  
Thank you for your time to read this message.  
With abundant Love,
Lily Rhoads

Director of Communications

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